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Career Empowerment Programme

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The Career Empowerment Programme entails a series of activities and continuous engagements over specific time periods. This journey ideally starts at high school with the first phase of Career Empowerment. It transitions into the second phase of tertiary education and early work life. A multitude of offerings are tailored for well-seasoned professionals as well as private business as clients.

The Career Empowerment Programme (CEP) facilitates personal, educational and career development amongst leaners, professionals and business alike.

At school level the program aims at empowering students to discover and carve their passion & professional identities. This is executed through awareness, exploration, planning & execution.

At professional level the program aims at providing clarity and strategy towards career decisions. This is executed through similar activities to learners but is strengthened by forensic career consulting.

At business to business level the program creates new or aligns existing human capital empowerment programs. It aims at strengthening the value of existing programs centered around human capital. It simultaneously aligns business with strategic empowerment benchmarks/requirements, namely SED, Skills Development, Enterprise Development & Supplier Development.

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Programme Overview

Career Consultations

Our forensic process of Career Consulting provides our clients with context of their positioning and role within their career journey. This is one of our fundamental activities that cannot exist in isolation of any other activity.

Its purpose feeds into other critical engagements that equip us with data & information required to provide value to our clients.

Our expert Consultants conduct one on one engagements with learners, professionals and business. We use all critical information on academics, experience, reputation and other elements that feed into careers to uncover various positive & negatives. Certain traits and attributes usually overlooked are also considered in this analytical phase.


Strategic Assessments

Our team or partners offer a battery of accredited assessments that seek to identify key characteristics and patterns. The assessments are interdependent on other key activities of the CEP program. Sitting alone, the assessments would only provide one side of a multipronged solution.

At the three main levels (student, professional & B2B), the assessments provide intelligence around cognitive & non-cognitive information of the person assessed. They provide insight, direction and a framework in carving accurate long term solutions for our clients.

An entrepreneurial thread and innate ability is also identified amongst those clients that seek to pursue that scope. This is a very popular assessment and reinforces entrepreneurial behavior where identified.

Career Talks | Experiences | Conferences

Delivered in 3 main formats, our Career Talks are another set of interdependent engagements that take place for all stakeholders engaging the Career Empowerment Program. This includes students, professionals currently employed as well as industry stakeholders.

An experience designed to equip our clients with additional information and exposure to the myriad of professions available, the CareerFit Talks & Experiences feed into our consultations and B2B solutions.

The interactive experiences are crafted to give participants the time to engage in insightful dialogue. They’re created to stimulate engagement with corporates and expert professionals within their respective industries & skills sets.

For students, it aims at equipping them with key information on how to plan and execute their career steps. A clear understanding of what is expected of them is also brought forward.
Critically for professionals, these activities seek to empower them on how to redirect, correct or continue their career trajectory.

Lastly for corporates, this is another set of engagements that they use to strengthen their activities in brand positioning, skills & socio economic development.

Work Exposure Week1

Work Exposure

This feeds directly off our assessments and career consultations to align the practical exposure our students derive from this activity. With it being very popular amongst corporates who want to improve their social investment initiatives, it provides another element of valid career exposure.

Aligned with academic calendars, its aimed at providing further exposure to our clients both as students and business.

School Participation

Parental support is an integral component to ensuring the students within CEP meaningfully engage themselves. Career pathing, as a task is about providing context, certainty and clarity to students around career impacting decisions at a young age. From this point on it is then down to mapping and managing their lives through their academic decisions.

Parents amplify the value of the programme to continue beyond the scope of our work as consultants and assessors. A sustainable alliance with parents in return supports underprivileged parents with further scope and info of the workplace to their children.

School Participation

School Participation

We attribute our effectiveness to the partnerships between our professional Career Consultants and the educators that deal with the learners on a daily basis at school. In depth academic & social context is established on the students in order to draw meaningful findings. Our shared responsibility as CareerID and the schools we partner with, is to empower the learners and provide clarity on the impact of their academic performance.

High academic results aren’t the only focus when working with the educators. The full context of how performance and reputation impacts the entrance & sustenance of one’s professional career is fully ventilated. The weird, wonderful and constantly changing workplace is shared with the learners.


CareerID and our team of consultants are qualified professionals dedicated to assisting students with insights and direction.

Neo Moleko
Managing Director
George Chidiya
Business Development
Marzenna Almendro
Anne Frank
Career Consultant

CareerID operates in the space of Career Counselling & Empowerment. These aren’t recruitment services but they complement the trade very well. CareerID assists both professionals currently active and those looking for opportunity in the market. Providing career clarity, certainty and ultimate empowerment within the scope of the workplace is at CareerID’s core.

Not only do we improve clarity, instill confidence and reduce risk but ultimately we amplify the productivity of an employee in the workplace, focusing on their track record & the ability to express it. We provide a multipronged offering aimed at supporting their career plan and projection thereof.

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